No Time To Cook? 3 Ways To Cook At Least Once A Week

Ok mi gente, because of the health benefits and money saving power of cooking at home- it is a challenge worth tackling! SalviSoul is all about encouraging cooking, cultura and connection so The SalviSoul Blog is here to help! Here are three ways to drop fast food and cook healthy with your family at least once a week.

In 2017 Mia Adorante interviewed supermodel, Every Mother Counts founder, and Salvi sister Christy Turlington Burns in her piece Christy Turlington on Aging, Wellness, and the Defunding of Planned Parenthood for W Magazine. (That's right, Christy's mother Maria is from Cojutepeque, El Salvador!) In the article Christy talks about her healthy lifestyle habits including why she cooks at home. “I do cook a lot and I like to cook. Also, I’m trying to train my children to cook for themselves, too,...” Turlington tells W Magazine. Further on in the article Christy reveals her belief that exemplifying the act of cooking in the home “empowers” her children. “... she can now make a couple of things herself… your parents really are your most important role models, and so those kinds of habits they just copy what they see.”

Cooking at home is healthier and saves money YOU CAN DO IT!

Cooking at home is healthier and saves money YOU CAN DO IT!

Vanessa Mota is a Dominican American Boss Lady and the founder of In Vanessa's blog post Simple Guide To Meal Planning, she shares all of her brilliant short-cuts in cooking for her family. Vanessa reminds us that doing your own meal planning means your family is eating well and saving money. For valuable life skills and less work get the whole family involved one day a week with prepping ingredients and packing all of your next week’s meals.

So there are many many ways to make cooking at home more do-able, but here are three main tips that have helped me and my circle...


  • Build Your Team: It's not all on you! Planning and cooking with friends and family (especially with partners and kids) promotes your cultural roots and a self-reliant attitude for everyone.      

  • Meal Planning: Grocery shopping, processing, and packing the next week's meals with a team one day a week saves time and money. Once this habit is in place you will have meals pre-packed to heat or cook and lunches are "grab-and-go" every morning.  

  • Theme Nights Work: Picking theme nights as a team (don't forget Salvadoran food night!) and writing them down in your sheet or calendar helps you decide your grocery list quickly and cuts down on the "what should we eat tonight?" back and forth. 

A home that cooks and eats together grows together. Remember that cooking at home doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone; enlist the help of your family or friends- you will be eating fresher ingredients and rooting your home in culture. Provecho!