SalviSoul In the Press


Writer Karla Vasquez strives to preserve Salvadoran food culture in L.A.

SalviSoul’s Salvadoran cooking workshops were featured on the KCRW radio show Good Food With Evan Kleiman. Listen to the story in it’s entirety and learn about the ingredients involved in baking Salvadoran quesadillas by clicking the link below!

This Latina Is Collecting Recipes And Stories From Salvadoreña Survivors Of The Country’s Civil War For A Justice-Driven Cookbook

Before SalviSoul there were only two Salvadoran cookbooks in the world. The journey to create the SalviSoul Cookbook was chronicled by Fierce by Mitú! Read the whole story at the link below and share with your friends.

Karla T. Vasquez Created An Instagram Account To Preserve Her Salvadoran Roots

LA Magazine profiles SalviSoul founder Karla T. Vasquez and her popular SalviSoul instagram account. Grab a cup of coffee and read the story here or at the link below.