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What is Salvi Soul

SalviSoul is a cookbook! But, it's also more than that.

SalviSoul documents the foodways of Salvadoran cuisine and also documents the stories of women who migrated from El Salvador to the United States.

These women are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and hermanas who have nurtured the second generation of Salvadoran people in the United States with food and who have also, perhaps without realizing, taken the role of preserving culture for the future U.S. born "Salvis". Along with food, the traditions of storytelling have been passed down at the dinner table. Their stories of perseverance, struggle, sacrifice, love and victory have also been our nourishment.

This is an homage to what they have created. A conversation amongst the past, the present and the future generations of Salvadoran people... read more.

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Stories + Recipes

At the heart center of SalviSoul are many wonderful women. They are the heros of this project -- for crossing borders, for taking risks, for loving, for fighting, and for being the ones who despite their challenges continued to feed their families with love and delicious platillos Salvadoreños

SalviSoul will be their place for their stories to be heard, validated and cherished for years to come. Along with each story, each woman will contribute one to three Salvadoran recipes. This is the SalviSoul cookbook.

More details coming soon!

Yo creo que el Salvadoreño, lo tenemos que somos luchadores. Que no se pierda eso.
No nos damos por vencidos.
— Laura M.
I think that what the Salvadoran person has, is that we are fighters. I hope that doesn’t get lost. We do not give up.
— Laura M.
You want to hear my mom’s story... trust me, it’s a crazy story.
— Madaliene H.
Tienes que oir la historia de mi mama... confiame, es una historia loca.
— Madaleine H.
Para no mentirle. Yo pase un año llorando.
— Maria C.
I can’t lie to you. I spent a whole year crying.
— Maria C.
He fell in love with me... so I broke up with him.
— Marta M.
El se enamoro de mi... y por eso quebre con el.
— Marta M.


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